Online pokies – Comfort bringing risks

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Sitting in a crowded club in front of whole line of flashy pokies, hearing loud mixed sounds of machines and people shouting? Not really a fan? No worries, just one click and you may enter – online pokies are here!

Almost 20 years ago, the history of pokies changed: machines were replaced by online pokies. Perfect for era “I want it all and I want it now”. Even though poker machines were spread all around in clubs and hotels, accessible all day and all night long, Internet gambling brought even more opportunities. Now, thousands of different games are at your disposal, 24/7, wherever you are, on your laptop, tablet, smartphone, you name it.

Online pokies give all the comfort, also keeping high quality of games. However, be aware of some risks: 

Losing track of time

Have to admit, it happens a lot. You go online and time becomes irrelevant. Not to mention the possibility of getting lost in some game. Be pretty sure that online pokies know how to buy your attention. For a long, long time.

Lessons on how to play – true or false

This is an industry designed to make you stay and play. So they’ll give you something: lessons on how to play their game. Do remember: it is THEIR game. Truth be told, it’s not in their best interest to make you a winner. All they can and will give you are promises: true or false ones?


Online pokies are all about you and your smartphone, laptop or some other device you play it on. It’s taking your time and your social connections. Nowdays, gambling has become even more obsessive and dangerous. At least in the previous age of pokies, gambling with others around offered some sort of protection, you could at least hear stories of others and pay attention to your playing habits. Now, you’re on your own.

Advertising that drags you in even more

It’s a whole lot easier for big companies to track down your playing habits while you’re online. That way they can send you offers you can’t resist, offers keeping you in the game even more.

Credit cards, not cash

When you’re giving away cash, you can actually see how fast you’re spending it. While using credit cards, not so much. Online gaming carries much bigger risk concerning loosing money.

Tips and tricks for responsible online gambling

Although online pokies can bring you entertainment and headaches, both, there are some precautionary tips:

  • set limits, write down how much time and money you want to spend
  • keep track of your choices, are they really yours or you’re accepting any offer placed in front of you
  • talk to others, let them know how you’re doing
  • remember that many countries don’t offer any protection considering online betting

One thing that doesn’t change, thing that pokies and online pokies have in common is the excitement. Just need to keep track of what the excitement is about.


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